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Yankee Harley-Davidson®
488 Farmington Avenue, Bristol, CT 06010
Service Department

Service Department

We have top factory-trained technicians who are highly rated and are continuously furthering their education through yearly courses, to keep them up to date. We are equipped to make your motorcycle suitable for you and your taste. 

We honor all warranty work and favor any recalls. We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your motorcycle in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.

Why Yankee Harley-Davidson® Should Be Your Choice For EFI Tuning

Yankee Harley-Davidson® has the latest in DynoJet® and WinPEP 7 Technology, the latest training, and knowledge of the TTS Master Tune EFI Tuner with 02 Sensor Data! It's not just a download with a couple of 100% Throttle Position runs that make up a tune.

Here at Yankee Harley-Davidson®, we adjust and synchronize the Volumetric Efficiency (VE) tables to your new engine configuration. We use and adjust all 20 tables in the EFI Tuner Software, if necessary, to eliminate decel popping, detonation (pinging), acceleration, and of course, Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) and timing tables for optimum performance.

Yankee Harley-Davidson® spared no cost to equip our technicians with the latest equipment and training to bring them to the "next level" to service your tuning needs.

It's a long, painstaking process to completely remap your fuel injection system correctly. But, when it's done right, your bike will run cooler and smoother with more power throughout the complete RPM range, not just at 100% Throttle Position.

A map is made just for your engine configuration and exhaust system – it is a complete custom map that is "finger printed" to your bike alone. Each and every Harley-Davidson® engine has its own personality and characteristics, and needs its own EFI map to let it run at optimum performance.

Experience what a custom made map from Yankee Harley-Davidson® Service Department feels like. Let us assure you that your investment and experience with our tuning ability will not be disappointing. You will be impressed!


An increasing number of customers from around the country are shipping their motorcycles to us for hi-performance modifications. In the past, after installing a motor package, or after purchasing a brand new bike, we would ask the customer to ride the motorcycle for a 500-1500 mile break-in period, then come back and schedule a full dyno tune. This is not practical for some. As a result, we have developed a break-in procedure based on our racing program and the Moto-man/tune methods that have proved extremely successful in road and drag racing.

This process allows control of load, heat cycling, throttle input and RPM while utilizing the dyno, fans and sensors to monitor and regulate conditions during the break-in procedure. We collect tuning information throughout the process, control temperatures and inspect for oil leaks, faults or stresses. Tuning adjustments are made during cool down periods and evaluated as the process proceeds (additional charge for tuner and labor).

The end result is a full tune done in a controlled environment (as opposed to being stuck in traffic), no need to reschedule for the tune (saving the customer time and hassle), the customer does not have to deal with an out of tune/glitchy bike during the break-in period (better first impressions) and knowing the bike is 100% when received. Some break-in is still required after this process but the critical period is over and the remaining break-in is done in a tuned state. This process allows you to ride worry free.